Finding that Mojo...

It’s been a tough few weeks regarding my photography.  

There hasn’t been any! 

Looking after the mini me, illness, works to the house and family weekends have meant the Mojo I’ve been looking for this year is still lost 😂 

I’m looking forward to The Photography Show at the NEC next week, I’ve not been for a few years and it could be the spark I need 😉Oh, and let’s hope I don’t buy anything  😳

Don’t talk about equipment!

Well, my first few weeks back as a ‘pro photographer’ (someone who earns money in my book) have been mixed. I have not managed to get as much done as I wanted too, but then again my mind needs to refocus!

I need to give it time... 

This year I’m not going to talk anymore about my photographic equipment. I’ve spent the last two years selling numerous pro Nikon gear, now I’m happy with my new equipment. I’ll list my gear below, then it’s about who’s behind it 😉 

Fujifilm X100F

Fujifilm X-T3

Fujifilm XF 16mm F/1.4 R WR

Fujifilm XF 23mm F/2 R WR

Fujifilm XF 35mm F/2 R WR

Fufifilm XF 50mm F/2 R WR

As you can see, I’m going with primes only for the next couple of years, these cover my street photography and portrait photography. 

I’m not replacing my studio lighting, so natural lighting as well.  

That’s the gear, now to shoot you all...😂 

New Year, New Beginnings!

Well, I’m hoping 2019 will be an exciting year for me.

I know I am very fortunate that I can concentrate on my Street Photography and later during the year my Portrait plans. 

Lots of new challenges, but I am starting the year positive! 

Nikon Sales part 2

So...last month I sold the remainder of my Nikon pro gear.

50mm f1.4G

24mm-70mm f2.8G

70mm-200mm f2.8


SB910 Speedlight

I also sold a ThinkTank Streetwalker HardDrive bag (excellent, but not needed), some UV’s and accessories.

The main reason was weight, the above body and lenses are superb, but they weigh more than 2kg at times around your neck. The historic spinal injury is not getting better with age! 

Time for new glass and a spark ⚡️ 

More Nikon Sales...

A few months ago I sold one of the camera bodies I owned and two lenses. I also sold all my studio lighting equipment. 

I kept the remainder of my Nikon FX kit and bought a Fujifilm X100F compact for my planned street photography work.  

So far, I’m loving the Fujifilm X100F and it’s an ideal camera for street photography. Its size means it can even fit in a few coat pockets, lightweight for long days and excellent quality from the fixed 23mm Fuji f2 lens. I’m not a lover of carrying lots of kit and heavy dslr/lenses for steeet work. it here yet?

Photography, Photography, Photography

That was the plan.

So far this year has not gone well regarding my passion for photography. The never ending illnesses with a toddler and the resulting parent who catches the majority of them, added to that the awful weather. It has just not happened and its already March!

I'm hopeful that the next month or so will bring a new enthusiasm (I need it), a sparked passion, some free time, coffee funds and some much needed street work.

I use to love the winter, but age is now informing me that it's a pain! Roll on spring...


Some Nikon Sales...

Having decided (with wifey's agreement) to fund my new camera through some sales of equipment I'm no longer using, I had a few options.

I spoke with a few people to see if they were interested, but in the end it wasn't to be. So I decided on eBay for my sins! 

Just before I went through with the eBay sales, I thought I would contact a few Camera Stores to see if they would provide a fair price. I wanted to exchange for new equipment if possible, but I didn't expect to get a result. First, Cameraworld in Chelmsford, who offered an amount which was laughable. I couldn't believe the guy I was speaking too was serious or maybe he was treating me as a newbie, which I'm not. They were declined, politely of course...

I decided to then try Park Cameras and Wex, two companies I have purchased from before. Both provided in my opinion a fair price, similar to what I would expect via eBay after costs, if I achieved above average sale values. Wex gave a slightly higher value, so I booked in and travelled to see them the following day (a trip I would make to see family anyway). Wex tested my equipment and called me back within two hours, they then offered me more money then originally agreed as the equipment was in such good condition.

I look after all my camera equipment, I keep all boxes with the original paperwork, bags and accessories. Its important if you ever want to sell used.

Sold items; Nikon D700, Nikon 105mm Micro and Nikon 16mm-35mm

I will post about the new exchanged equipment, but I was very happy with Wex.

Equipment Change

Monday went rather well and since then I have read detailed reviews of all the options I have going forward regarding equipment.

I will be keeping one main Nikon full frame body and three superb Nikon Pro lenses and associated equipment to cover most of my photography for the next few years. I will be selling another Nikon full frame body and two Nikon Pro lenses. These are the two lenses I use the least.

This will mean I can purchase my new street camera, I wanted something smaller and more suited to street work than a heavy DSLR. I'm looking forward to using it immensely and trying out a few ideas I have. Its a cropped sensor, something I've not used for a while, but the sensor, quality and size outweigh any concerns I had initially. I will review the camera in full once I can sell the equipment and purchase it!!! 

Now just waiting for another new baby...Fujifilm X100F 

The London Test

I’m not a fan of commuting, the journey in to London this morning was not enjoyable!

Anyway, the main purpose of today has gone very well, camera testing.

First stop was the Leica store in Mayfair, to look at the Leica Q, which I was allowed to test for while near to the store. Full frame, fixed 28mm lens, still needs a bag and very expensive. This option would need me to sell majority of my current Nikon full frame equipment.  

The Sony system seemed the least attractive and tackiest of the three, surprisingly. It’s interchangable and again would require a bag. Not really what I am looking for and didn’t feel right.  

The third test was a camera I initially disregarded as it’s a cropped sensor, although an excellent one. The Fujifilm X100F is the cheaper of the three, fixed 23mm cropped lens (35mm full frame equivalent) and fits in your pocket...perfect for a days Street Photography.  

The bonus is that with the Fuji, I can sell some equipment to purchase it and still have a Nikon full frame body, three or four lenses, tripod, speed light and accessories which covers any other photography needs in the future.  

I loved the build, very compact, fixed lens suits me, I prefer to work for an image and it’s discreet. I’m out with the D800/50mm f1.4 at present, trying to be discreet but it’s a beast 😂 


Tomorrow I will be attending a social event for local photographers, something that a few years ago I would be looking forward to immensely.

I know I need to attend, but after a year away from my photography, the confidence is not exactly flowing. I’m hoping I will be fine once I start talking (and yes, Donkeys and hind legs...), but this new start has me questioning everything. That is a natural response I suppose, but it’s not like me!

Wish me luck 😬😁

A New Start

Photollery has awoken from its sleep...

After a year away from the action, Photollery is now back!

The new website will be amended and improved over the next few months. I will aim to add new images and work on bringing together some of my projects.

I am looking for a fresh start, a new look over the next month or so and possible a complete change of equipment. 

Updates a plenty!