The London Test

I’m not a fan of commuting, the journey in to London this morning was not enjoyable!

Anyway, the main purpose of today has gone very well, camera testing.

First stop was the Leica store in Mayfair, to look at the Leica Q, which I was allowed to test for while near to the store. Full frame, fixed 28mm lens, still needs a bag and very expensive. This option would need me to sell majority of my current Nikon full frame equipment.  

The Sony system seemed the least attractive and tackiest of the three, surprisingly. It’s interchangable and again would require a bag. Not really what I am looking for and didn’t feel right.  

The third test was a camera I initially disregarded as it’s a cropped sensor, although an excellent one. The Fujifilm X100F is the cheaper of the three, fixed 23mm cropped lens (35mm full frame equivalent) and fits in your pocket...perfect for a days Street Photography.  

The bonus is that with the Fuji, I can sell some equipment to purchase it and still have a Nikon full frame body, three or four lenses, tripod, speed light and accessories which covers any other photography needs in the future.  

I loved the build, very compact, fixed lens suits me, I prefer to work for an image and it’s discreet. I’m out with the D800/50mm f1.4 at present, trying to be discreet but it’s a beast 😂