Some Nikon Sales...

Having decided (with wifey's agreement) to fund my new camera through some sales of equipment I'm no longer using, I had a few options.

I spoke with a few people to see if they were interested, but in the end it wasn't to be. So I decided on eBay for my sins! 

Just before I went through with the eBay sales, I thought I would contact a few Camera Stores to see if they would provide a fair price. I wanted to exchange for new equipment if possible, but I didn't expect to get a result. First, Cameraworld in Chelmsford, who offered an amount which was laughable. I couldn't believe the guy I was speaking too was serious or maybe he was treating me as a newbie, which I'm not. They were declined, politely of course...

I decided to then try Park Cameras and Wex, two companies I have purchased from before. Both provided in my opinion a fair price, similar to what I would expect via eBay after costs, if I achieved above average sale values. Wex gave a slightly higher value, so I booked in and travelled to see them the following day (a trip I would make to see family anyway). Wex tested my equipment and called me back within two hours, they then offered me more money then originally agreed as the equipment was in such good condition.

I look after all my camera equipment, I keep all boxes with the original paperwork, bags and accessories. Its important if you ever want to sell used.

Sold items; Nikon D700, Nikon 105mm Micro and Nikon 16mm-35mm

I will post about the new exchanged equipment, but I was very happy with Wex.