Equipment Change

Monday went rather well and since then I have read detailed reviews of all the options I have going forward regarding equipment.

I will be keeping one main Nikon full frame body and three superb Nikon Pro lenses and associated equipment to cover most of my photography for the next few years. I will be selling another Nikon full frame body and two Nikon Pro lenses. These are the two lenses I use the least.

This will mean I can purchase my new street camera, I wanted something smaller and more suited to street work than a heavy DSLR. I'm looking forward to using it immensely and trying out a few ideas I have. Its a cropped sensor, something I've not used for a while, but the sensor, quality and size outweigh any concerns I had initially. I will review the camera in full once I can sell the equipment and purchase it!!! 

Now just waiting for another new baby...Fujifilm X100F